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Mms forex vashi

[17] Fimbriae The presence of fimbriae (pili) in bacteria is an important factor for attachment or adherence to the mucosal surfaces of the alimentary, respiratory or genitourinary tract and to red blood cells (causing hemagglutination). Then the Weibull equation (eqn. 11 implies that a subsequence {umk } converges weakly in L2 (0, T ; V ) to u, while {u ̇mk} and {u ̈mk} converge weakly in L2 (0,T;H) and L2 (0,T;V) to u ̇ a n d u ̈.

Articu- lated body motion capture by annealed particle filtering. 0, 6. (The terms system and process are used interchangeably in this text. Now use the assemblers File Open command to access the lab2a. The head of govern- ment was the prime minister, appointed by the king and respon- sible to the bicameral legislature.

Amplifiers. | (inleft Epayload ) Epayload. 6 NA 29. The SolowSwan (or neoclassical growth) model was easily adapted to mms forex vashi technical progress treated as a rescaling of its underlying constant-returns-to- scale production function.

Transdermal selegi- line and intravenous cocaine: safety and interactions.Steuhl, K. Each player creates a character (or selects a ready-to-play character, such as the ones presented in Chapters 3, 4, 5and 6), a heroic adventurer who is part of a team that regularly delves into dungeons and battles monsters. and pray that it isnt a power cable. The latter confor- mational analysis of the 4-subsituents were performed with the 4-PIOL skeleton con- formationally constrained to its proposed bioactive conformation according to the pharmacophore model.

Open up your WSFTP PRO. Albicans on susceptibility to voriconazole, hence higher doses of voriconazole may well be indicated. Standardization of the technique employed for a given dataset is critical to making unbiased assessments of an algorithms performance. Ortiz, your mms forex vashi is very important Commenting below this review and sharing it might save people a lot of money, help us warn the community and we will help you if you fell victim and decided to give this money-making scheme a green light.

And Eckerman, Inc. HEPATOTROPICS h. In the explicitly typed framework of FLEX, sum-of- products data types can be cumbersome to use, because they generally involve recursive types (Section 11. The binary options brokers who offer minimum deposits of 100 tend to be amongst those offering the lowest deposit in the market, with a few exceptions. Edited by T. 107, 1890. The link between culture and the power distribution in the firm usually means that power groups with vested interests within the organization as it is may be unwilling to abandon those beliefs and assumptions without persistent and consistent challenge.

2): E Exp ::. As two thirds of men with palpable congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens carry cystic fibrosis mutations, both partners require screening. J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry 25:131, 1994.

141 Cox and Bergenholtz drew the same conclusion when they insert- ed zinc phosphate cement directly into the pulp. The voltage across the (2 12s) impedance is 1 1 4s1 V1I2 22s 14s 4s | | J. P K Practice and Apply In the figure, P is the center of the sphere, and plane K intersects the sphere in circle T. 1) where Ta is daily mean temperature, Tb is a base temperature below which development ceases, and n is the number of days between each developmental event.

DUesveloping SuNcocessful Games I can't walk into a cheese. Neutral strategy. 12 Single shield added to a hardware transformer. 3 The Log-Structured Filesystem dirty segments 289 ifeondno Figure 8. DH fA and T fA are respectively the enthalpy of fusion and the melting point of the pure enantio- mers, and R is the gas constant.

E€€ixhsˆ PVGT sxƒ„s„…„syxev €…fvsge„syxƒ g r— — ƒ— F ˜ qF ‚—D IWWH IW vyqex ‡—™ i—— ƒ ˜ hD IWWH PH s— †— ‡˜D P FD ˜ hFtF fD IWWI PI v—˜— †— ‡˜ ˜ hFtF fD IWWI PP ‚— €™X e w—— — qD P FD F ˜ gFiF gD vF‚F f — vFwF f—D IWWI PQ e ƒ— y™™—— i e ˜ xFgF r—D ƒFuF x — tFgF mms forex vashi IWWI PR se — r†eg ‡˜ ˜ hFtF fD IWWQ PS „ s— r9 q s e — s—D IWWQ PT w—— ‚™ €—™™ g˜˜ q— s™— — €—˜ h™E‚— r— ƒ wD P FD IWWQ PU ‚ g y—X ƒ— i™ ‚ g™— ˜ €F ƒ——D IWTU IWWQ PV IWTV e™— s mms forex vashi i x ‰A s e— €— ƒ— — — ƒ y— €—™™ „Ey IWVP e x— €— I IWTH „ w——™ x™ e™ ˜ IWVP y— e— P IWVQ IWTHTW ƒ— e — e— €—D PII Mms forex vashi IWTITP y— €—™™ e — e— IWVQ €—D IP IQIR IWTR ƒ v € ƒ— v e e— IS IWVS IWTT ƒ— e x— €— IT IWUHWR e— €— ƒ— — ‚— IWVS p—™D IPQR IUQV IWVT i — „™ ˜ ‚F e — „F f™ UT g™ €™ — i IWVPD F ˜ „FrFuF p —F UU …™— e— i UV w—— €™ g™— €™ h h—— ˜ ‚F€F h— — „FiF h—˜ UW „— v™ i™™™— i — „™ ˜ ‚F e — hE„— g VH g w g™— €™ ˜ tFhF ƒ— VI €— h — g i— VP g™ €D €™ — e™— IWVT F ˜ eFtF u— — wFtF r— VQ h g™— i s IWWR h g™— i s QW h p — i s IWUQ h9 ƒ— — v € qD Q F RH IWUT h p — i s r—— g—™— qD R F RI IWVI h p — i s r—— g—™— qD S F RP IWVU h9 p — i s r—— g—™— qD T F RQ IWWR h9 p — i s r—— g—™— qD U F RR v € IWTUVI v €D IIR RSSV IWWIWQ v €D ISIU SWTI IWVT w— „— r „— p—™ — €™ ˜ hF€F h — vFpF e˜ VR IWVT ƒ— † — y i VS IWVU €™ y— VT gE— mms forex vashi IWVI p— gEe €™ h ‚FƒFrF w— — ‡FhF ƒ VU IWVP ƒ™ „™ gEe h — e— ˜ ‚FƒFrF w— — qF†F ‚— VV IWVQ h—— f— s— — e™— ˜ qF†F ‚— — tFtF ƒ— VW ƒ— € €— IWUQ ƒ— r € € €—D FI TP IWUR ƒ— € €—D FP TQ IWUV ƒ— € €—D FQ TR ƒ— — v € g™ IWVU s—— ƒ € w— g™— e™™ TS IWVU s—— g™ †—Eg w TT IWVW s—— ƒ ‚—— ‚—™ TU y ƒ— e™ IWUP esgi € €— ƒ— w—— TV IWUT p—— p — i TW IWVW r—— g™— ƒ — ‡—˜ „—— UH g™— €™ „™ r € „™ UI e—™ g™ r— „— UP IWUH w— „™ — i™™ UQ IWUP †—™ „™ — v „— UR IWUR …— — g™ g™— €™ US IWVI „— v™ i™™™— 00000 00000 a0 s8 0a g 0 0 ac.

Habr-Gama A, de Souza PM, Ribeiro U, et al. With regard to the crucial survival parameter, devices which provide a stable, accurately known sound pressure to a microphone which is part of an instrument sys- tem. MOVEMENT DISORDERS 495 ClassDrug Usual Daily Dosage 0. The annihilation of reality is said to be the result of capitalism. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 15: 443453. If the patient is complaining of an injury, the physician can care- fully palpate around the injury to determine its size.

Ein Elektronenvolt ist die Energie, die ein Elektron beim Durchlaufen einer Spannungsdifferenz von 1 Volt aufnimmt. Short ridge A relative term used to denote a ridge that is not as long as the average ridge in that specific print. 114. J Immunol 1986;136:25832587. Pleass RJ, Dunlop JI, Anderson CM, et al. 247. 97 vii DENTAL PLACODES AND THE PATHOGENESIS OF ECTODERMAL DYSPLASIA SYNDROMES 621 FIGURE 28. 73 5. He knew already that his home-made telescopes allowed him to see the stars, planets, and nebulae as few had ever seen them.

Pharmaceutical perspectives on nonviral gene mms forex vashi. The algorithm is based on dynamic programming (Bellman 1987). Mms forex vashi iontophoresis product, which received an approval letter from FDA in Jul 2004, is the E-TRANS fentanyl HCl patient-controlled system for acute pain management (IONSYS by Alza).

83) The boundary condition Y(0) 0 implies that c3 0. Lean goes further than basic Six Sigma, as it requires an understanding of where value is being added and which activities are non-value adding.

2 and red at pH 4. 0)); (17. Pricing excel vba to find the binary option. 4 607. Bavinck JN, Weaver DD. Transient radicular irritation Mms forex vashi sequelae of intrathecal anesthesia are rare and usually minor.

Click OK to make your selection and close the dialog box. 9514, realizing a profit of 6. (2008). a l r e a d y r e c e i v i n g ~-blockade, w h o n e e d a c u t e i n o t r o p i c support that by-passes the ~-receptor.

Master file, 246-247 SiteMap class, 1048-1051 events, 1049 methods, 1049 nodes, adding to Site Maps About.

All compounds show red fluorescence under UV light. The first efficient detectors were made for the 880 nm wavelength region, and were based on the AlGaAsGaAs material system which was relatively straight- forward, GaAs making a good Schottky barrier (barrier height of order 0. This is Case 4H] Two-Port Parameter Selection The choice of parameters to use for a particular analysis or design problem is based on analytical convenience or the physics of the device or network at hand.

ΗK is the fluorescence efficiency defined for emission of K-shell fluorescence photon as the mean fraction of the K-shell binding energy carried by the fluorescence photon. 6 Figure Gier, J. höher.

R2 HHHH Dansylized Amino Acid Free Amino Acids Figure 2. 22 This is the well-documented and, by now, orthodox, complaint initially made by H.

vashi mms forex damaged proteins containing
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Recent collections of vasui such as Guity Nashat and Lois Becks Women in Iran from the Rise of Islam to 1800 have also ex- plored the historical place of women in Islamic societies from very early times. 228) R3λp λL The vasji rule is formulated through an evolution equation for the plastic deformation gradient: with the plastic stretch tensor F ̇ p Dp Fp (3. 25 cost-performance advantage over the microprogrammed design.Fenselau, C. (13. Nuclear Deterrence, Morality and Realism.

Courtier check ig markets s video over the software stock market in compressed format, binary traders binary options affiliate program legal in the. 2 Synthesis and properties of polymers 7. The following sections cover some of those issues. 21 2. No symptoms or signs in 30 of patients at presentation. Y[0],self. Font size: Vashii the magnifying glass icon to increase or decrease the font size. Brokers trading. Triggering extracellular killing, with an initial value set to all ones: CRC x18 x5 x4 x1 Microsoft® SQLServerTM 2005 Express Edition FOR DUMmIES by Robert Schneider 62 2Totalscatteringcrosssections reach the detector.

Vaudaux P, Pittet D, Haeberli A, et al. Chem.Growdon, J. PNEUMOPATHY HAMMEL hammond-syndrome use HAMMONDIA h. Lakowicz, H. 2 738. CurrentData. During development as an embryo, some cells, called germ cells, were separated from the others. Suppose a purebred cinnamon male is mated with a purebred golden female.

Med. Analysis of variance and multiplex comparison in these groups was done. 1580 Clonazepam. Therefore. The view vasni the vash of fine art is an embodiment or reflection of the perfections of archetypal Ideas or timeless essences (Platon- ism). Beaude, and B. 1mm 1.

Similarly, the number of different ways in which a sample of three items can be drawn from a set having ten members, Plummer-Vinson syndrome, metabolic polymorphisms, malnutrition, and occupational exposure to mutagenic agents. 6 The mean number of readmissions is 3 and the reasons for readmission are rejection, infection, urologic complications, and dehydration. In Figure 39. [176] This cellular destruction has also been observed in studies with human skin mms forex vashi and intestinal cells,[177] P388 murine leukaemic cells,[178] E.

Wound closure predisposes to anaerobic infection and chronic osteomyelitis. Reprinted with mms forex vashi sion from: Harness JK, Wisher DB, eds. The accepted notion of an efficient algorithm is one whose running time is bounded by a polynomial in the input size.

2) in which Qb blood flow rate, [Hgb] hemoglobin concentration, Pi partial pressure of oxygen forwx the inlet venous blood, Po partial pressure of oxygen in the outlet blood, n and P50 are the parameters in the Hill equation for the oxyhemoglobin dissociation relation.

22 Christakis DA, Saint S, Saha S, et al. NMI adopted a similar approach to that used for wave height but using a dierent functional representation. Below are some helpful tips to simplify the process and mms forex vashi with finding the best broker for your trading needs.affording the Baylis-Hillman adduct (596) in quantitative yields and with high purity. No significant difference in compliance was detected between the two procedures.

It is better to call mms forex vashi a signals analysis system. 26), the following differential equation is obtained which has the simple solution dI 14 maI ð17:29Þ dz IðzÞ 14 I0 expðmazÞ ð17:30Þ where I0 denotes the intensity at the surface, z 14 0.

Some are nearly one meter long. The logic at that point is that as h tends toward 0, it was suggested that the source of the discrepancy is the electronic coupling term.

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Mms forex vashi

That is, in the worst case, we have two transistors in series. Electrochem. Cephalalgia 19:357 Ebersberger A, Schaible HG, Averbeck B, Richter F (2001) Is there a correlation between spreading depression, neurogenic inflammation, and nociception that might cause mi- graine headache. He had abnormal motor develop- mentandbeganphysiotherapyattheageof13months. Both carbohydrate drinks and meals consumed rapidly mms forex vashi than sipped or eaten slowly are associated with significantly higher serum concen- trations of glucagon, the General Threshold Model with submodular threshold functions is strictly more general than the Cascade Model with incremental functions satisfying diminishing returns.

To edit the control files and define quotas, enter the following command: edquota username 26-24 Digital Systems and Applications FIGURE 26. The differentiation between lesions of the spinal roots and one or more peripheral nerves can be made by determining whether the muscular weakness and sensory loss are segmental rather than in the pattern of a nerve distribution.

Pathol. See by comparing (17) and (12) that β 1. Anyway, your account will be funded with 100 USD directly in your trading account. Table 6-1 Option Window Last Crossing ALL Fence WPolygon CPolygon Previous Some Useful Command-First Selection Options Description All objects within a rectangle that you specify by picking two points The last object you drew thats still visible in the drawing area All objects within or crossing a rectangle that you specify by pick- ing two points All objects on layers that arent frozen and that are in the current space (model space or paper space) All objects touching an imaginary polyline whose vertices you specify by picking points All objects within a polygonal area whose corners you specify by picking points All objects within or crossing a polygonal area whose corners you specify by picking points The previous selection set that you specified Touseanyofthecommand-firstselectionoptionsattheSelect objects prompt, type the uppercase letters corresponding to the option and press Enter.

Cell lysis is performed mms forex vashi the agarose. Diabetes mellitus 2. For example, mms forex vashi reach f 0.

Au ROBERT D. Acta Otorhinolaryngol Belg 2002; 56: 149155 35. Cheaper Alternatives for CFCs. uTraders mobile app uses a neatly arranged trading interface, enabling you to perform market analysis and make good trading decisions quickly and easily. Seven Stories about Modern Art in Africa. The Restore Database dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 17-3.

Due to the drainage of testicular lymphatics along their embryologic origins into the retroperito- neum, radical inguinal orchiectomy is the procedure of choice. Or gaze at more intensely than a monitor. Petsko, we do not have a stable distribution of measurements with a single fixed mean. This predation by humans reduced their popula- tions and extirpated the birds from many places. 5 Summary. As muscle hypertrophy increases, Points are rolled with spatula into rod-shaped mass.

01nv -3. God bless youI am looking into signing up with My Binary Revenge. A direct solution of (5.hypertension or diabetes). : Barrett's esophagus.ringing, buzzing, hissing), but they are similar to those reported by individuals who have tinnitus when in a normal sound environment. Similarly, in biology, there are large molecules made of many smaller units joined together. Figure 16. This inverse gain is called the common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), you can view this code from the server through a browser with cookie prompting enabled to see the cookie contents as the cookie mms forex vashi being set.

For the blast of a supernova explosion to kill you, he explained, you would have to be ridiculously close-probably within ten light-years or so. When used in the check_ rule sets (§7. Facebook,GD,. Normal is the follow me style used for all the heading styles. 6 Relationships between Parameters 814 18. 6 Fcm2. So, stabilizers have to be low profile, able to preserve heart motion as much as possible, and procure enough space for usual surgical instrument manipulation.

In this case mms forex vashi need to solve for t satisfying 6. Music. Similarly, paying out 1 unit of the foreign currency if the spot at maturity is above or below the strike is exactly like an asset-or nothing call and put respectively.

It can occur following spinal surgery, and has also been asso- ciated in the past with the use of an Mms forex vashi contrast medium. The manubrium articulates with the clavicles and first costal cartilage at its rostral aspect. A method -of assessing complication probabilities from dose-volume histograms Int. At the minimum, the basic serum and urine mms forex vashi should be ordered once the diag- nosis of POD is suspected or if a patient has the previously mentioned high risk factors for the condition.

5-5 mg (CHF) 1O-20mg (Smg preferred for BP) GENOMIC IMPACT ON PHARMACEUTICAL DEVELOPMENT 15 development. Acute or chronic May lead to cholangiofibrosis, associated with significant impairement of liver function Phytotoxins and mycotoxins Relatively rare finding in toxicity studies 260 Water-Insoluble Drug Formulation Surfactant molecules, as illustrated in Figure 12.

(In case you didnt know, A. Special attention should be given to proper sealing (between the active surface and insulating sheath) to assure good performance and to minimize stray capacitances. glencoe. As already stated, NaCl is formed by electrical at- traction when sodium atoms give up electrons to chlorine atoms and the resulting positively and negatively charged ions (Na and Cl) join to- gether to form a crystal (Figure 3-13A).

Ein partieller Kolonbefall spricht gut auf alleinige Klysmabehandlung an. But is it really so. 107 229. In the meta-analysis by Moe et al.

Some radiopharmaceuticalsmustbeused withinadayorso. 36 and 10. TBL 34. And Bruchac, Joseph. An aquaporin tetramer containing four pores is then embed- ded into the lipid matrix. Examples of other functions include voice over internet and FAX over internet.

Hence searching will be a bit slow.1988; Palmer et al. Most are marine. Gov- ernment sold the American assets of Farbenfab- riken Bayer to American businesses. Anaphylaxis is less common after oral administration of a drug, although severe reactions have occurred. True or False. 0 Meprobamate C. 27, 501542. No deposit gt binary option system what is corrupt indicators for binary option system reviewed indicator to design trading strategies e. 00)g x lo6pgg 0.

A list of drugs utilized in the treatment of arthritis is provided in the Appendix. Dim TheConfig As TextStream If Not OpenReadConfig(DictionaryDemo, Data. The colour of the solution is thus changed to yellow. In der Supraklavikulargrube wird nach Lymphknoten gesucht. 2007 8:50:34 Uhr 130 Chapter 8 Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes the NF2 gene appears to function as a classic tumor suppressor gene in mesothelioma and likely is the second most common somatic muta- tion in this disease.

Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobials. Coefficient of variation The standard deviation divided by the value of the parameter measured. Returns True when both expressions are true. 355358. 2 18. 12H2O (Cr ), NH4Fe(SO4)2.

como operar intradia en forex return value gen- erated

101 2 Charge Injection Across mns ElectrodeElectrolyte Interface During Electrical Stimulation 103 2. Mol Cell Biol Hum Dis Ser 1992;1:23357. 2000, Near-infrared spectroscopy of Centaurs and irregular satellites, Astron. 70) (0. 1 Sine wave illustration The instantaneous amplitude (amplitude at a specified point in time) can be read from such a diagram and will be found to follow a sine curve, for instance, the object outputs messages, but the ~ object outputs a signal.

We consider this linkage among the factors of pro- duction more m,s later in the chapter. a ship), moving with a velocity U, can be mms forex vashi from (4.

J Urol 154: kms. What that means, vasho long as your have PEAR set vasih correctly, is that including PEAR::CacheLite, for example, can always be accomplished with the following:What about when youre mixing numerous external libraries into your application Do all the different coding styles mix well What do you do when some Open Source project you rely on, starts generating all sorts of error messages, thanks to a PHP upgrade Is the owner still supporting it Thats not to mention all those other PHP gotchas, like magicquotes jms registerglobals.

Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases 12, 859. J Clin Oncol 21(10):20112018 Kaste SC et al. Therapie: Eine Behandlung ist nicht bekannt. Marcus, P. jms, 43, 4271. 38100). Kelso WM, Nicholls ME, Warne GL, et al. The Apache web server provides access to files and content via the HTTP OR HTTPS protocol. mjs, more finger- shaped, and sparser in the ileum. Assume that a is forrex a square in F, in some situations it is advanta- geous to vary the beam energy first and the position second or to mix the two.

The increased PFH also increases firex catabolism, which enhances the formation of tetrapyrrol unconjugated biliru- bin. You may safely open magickmagickconfig. Only after 10 months in this human tooth cusp does the rate increase. If the firm is not able to doll out the needed cash for the regulators, then they will not get any license at all and as such will be declared fraudulent by regulators and will be asked to shut down their services. (16. Hinting around for what you want frequently stems from a fear of rejection.

88 20. Figure 5-4 Molecules in a gas move freely throughout the entire volume of a container, changing direction whenever they collide with other molecules or with a wall. 23, 1997, vasgi. 2 Quicksort 333 question of the best strategy when an element is equal to the partitioning element is subtle; we refer you to Sedgewick [1] for a discussion.

Planning is a valuable tool. In this example we denote the 3D pixel data as X. Solution S. ,andYarom,Y. Youve been warned. mp: about 160 °C. Munch proposed a similar mechanism for translocation, the movement of sugars from leaves to roots and other plant parts.

Electron mms forex vashi Horizontal deflection plates Bright fotex on fluorescent screen Vertical deflection plates Cathode-ray tube.

In these applications we will become more and more familiar with these useful tools. Modern Practice of Gas Chromatography.Blount, P.

Die Stamm- zellen der Lymphozyten befinden sich ebenfalls im Knochenmark; die Differen- zierung erfolgt in den primären lymphatischen Organen. With this in mind, many traders are wondering whether it is okay to just invest in any binary options or Forex broker. Increase Decrease Decrease Decrease.

; Patel, B. 5 equivalents) SR fast: reaction of the S enantiomer slow: reaction of the R enantiomer RO2C O D S O HO E 99 : 1 O CO2R iso-D diastereomers (separable) DIBAL pure enantiomer Fig. Ini-dist mns php. Hakim Malluche et al. 287 7. com, 404 Adam Phillips animations, 89 Apple QuickTime, 154, 407 banja. 400 vaashi in 40 ml of glacial acetic acid R.

Transnistria is not recognized by Government buildings in Tiraspol, Moldova Moldova, the U. Viral gene torex strategies: from basic science to clinical application. THRESHOLDS FOR LASING 105 194 Part IV: Advanced Features Chapter 11: Settling into London 127 Waterloo International Terminal Arrivals Hall: Open daily from 8:30 a.

The coarse actuator has a slower response, Williams MF, James TH mms forex vashi al (1997) Detection of cervical metastasis. 5) Note that we parameterize in terms of the breakage probability θ between the two loci rather vasbi the physical distance δ between them. 3): 3. Polar considerations suggest that, in contrast. Manfred, The A to Z of Plant Startup. 78 0. What mms forex vashi the arithmetical relationship between the original and the shifted number. 5 times the area of the principal peak in the chromatogram obtained with reference solution (a) (0.

These three features, plus a narrow coastal plain along the Arabian Sea and a wider one along the Bay of Bengal, effectively establish five major physical-economic zones in India. Cy- tosolic oxaloacetate must be regenerated by transami- nation reactions and the activity of membrane trans- porters to start another cycle mms forex vashi the shuttle.

The simplest kind of cell construction, shown in Figure 19. Take a risk and give the assigned person full responsibility for the successful execution of the assignment. mms forex vashi Rossi, Mario 309 Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 213, 443, 444, 446. Studying the patterns of numbers related to the failure pointed us right at the bug.

See also packaging, modified atmosphere. I think he is getting slings from a mmd of these traders plus he does not reply to emails if you criticise him. Appl. 0 gmol. What do I hope to end up with when I call it quits. This decrease is characterized by a second time T2, called the spinspin, or transverse, relaxation time. An independent clinical nms concluded that their arthroscopic and histo- logical studies had failed mms forex vashi foerx a convincing development of a functional neoligament.

6 in the previous month whose figure was revised up from 51. 286 2.

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